Happy Sunday to Everyone!

I was sifting through all my photo and video files (yes, still working on the 2000+ pictures from Italy) when I found a few videos that I had forgotten about that I thought you may be interested in seeing.

In all, there are 5 videos showing take offs or landings from within the Aircraft. 2 videos are from the Flagship A380’s In Flight Entertainment system that broadcasts video from cameras installed on the aircraft’s exterior. The first of these shows the take off roll From JFK in New York, the next one is the final approach to Frankfurt at 5:30am. You may want to skip ahead to the one minute mark on that video since thats when the airport becomes clear. The other 2 videos are of a take off roll in an A330 from Dusseldorf destined for Chicago and the last video is the final approach to Chicago on that same flight. The final video is from Munich, showing a tug pushing back an A340-600 destined for San Francisco (SFO).

The quality may not be good enough for an academy award in cinematography because the vibrations of the airplane tend to be magnified in a video, but they are in HD and are still decent enough to enjoy.

A380 Take Off Roll From JFK in New York City:


A380 Final Approach to Franfurt, Germany: (FRA)


A330 Take Off Roll from Dusseldorf (DUS):


A330 Final Approach to Chicago (ORD):


A340-600 Pushback at Munich (MUC) enroute to San Francisco (SFO):