In an email from Lufthansa this morning covering a variety of topics, they included a special promotion that can be used only by Germany-based iTunes accounts to download Mario Giordano’s thriller, “Apocalypsis I” for free.

According to the description, the book  is “a gripping story” that is set in Rome and takes readers into “a world full of dark intrigue in the Vatican”.   To me this sounds similar to Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons, but thats just my hunch.

Doing a bit of due diligence, it looks like this book is a “made for the internet” novel that is broken up into thirteen installments and is available in a variety of different formats including Android, iPhone and Amazon Kindle.

Use this link to be taken to the German edition of the iTunes store to download the book.  If for some reason the link does not work, the code for the book is W67PTEKPM999.

Please note that it will not work for any other country.