Austrian Airlines has recently launched a great new site they call Red|Souvenir. Its a site dedicated to Austrian food specialities such as chocolate, cakes, wine and other delicacies that you would typically find in Austria or on an Austrian flight. How many times have you had something while on a trip, or even on a flight that you wish you could get once you were home? Red|Souvenir helps that happen. They ship worldwide, so everyone can take advantage of this new offering.

As I browsed a few pages of it, I found everything ranging from Sacher Tortes, Milka Chocolates, Marzipan,and even Mozart Rubber Ducks!

Its great timing by Austrian Airlines to launch this right before Christmas, as there are many Christmas Market and New Year’s themed items available. If you’re having trouble coming up with gifts for those you care about, you should take a look here for new ideas and items that you don’t see everyday!

You can visit Red|Souvenir by Clicking Here