To make it more convenient for passengers to stay informed of changes in their flight status, AUSTRIAN has begun a service that alerts passengers of any changes via SMS text messages or E-mail to their mobile devices.  The timing of this launch couldn’t be better as winter sets in on Europe and flight delays tend to be at their worst.

The program, dubbed yourUpdate, will notify passengers whenever their flight is delayed by more than 30 minutes or cancelled altogether.   In the event of a cancellation, the text message or email with contain contact information for rebooking.  In most cases, passengers are rebooked automatically but the contact information should still come in handy.  In addition, passengers whose travels involve transiting Vienna Schwechat (VIE) will receive automatic updates as far as gate changes are concerned at VIE.

In order to receive these updates,  passengers simply need to provide their cell phone number or email at time of booking.   Miles&More members are automatically enrolled and need to do nothing more.