Austrian Airlines this week refreshed the look of their website to make it easier for visitors to navigate.   The major changes eliminate a lot of the sub-menus that existed previously that forced visitors to have to dig deep into the site in order to find the right information.   With the new interface, many popular links are found immediately on the main page making access to information very easy.

You’ll notice that the site is broken down into three segments.   The top third of the website now uses “Sliders” to feature Austrian’s current fare offers and other promotions.  This section also offers quick links to Booking, Check-In, Flight Status and other useful items.



The top part of the webpage offers links to frequently used passenger services and highlights Austrian’s current promotions.


The middle section the site now has a series of menus that highlight fare sales, passenger services and lounge information.  This is a major improvement over the previous site where visitors had to dig deeper to find this information.



Useful resources and information is now only 1 click away



The lower third of the website has a different format that links you to the same information that you were able to access from other parts of the homepage.  This may have been done in part to ensure that the new is compatible across all browsers and  devices.   Many times a site that functions perfectly on a computer may not work as well on a smart-phone or iPad.   Having multiple links and interfaces to the same information helps make sure everyone can utilize the site effectively.  This part also contains contact information and Social Media connectivity options.



The lower part of the site provides links in a different format from the rest of the page