Though has been around for a while, I’ve only recently begun using it regularly due to an increase in renting cars on my travels. I thought I’d share my recently discovery of the site (I’m not receiving any consideration from them for doing this).

The concept is great. In addition to searching for car rental rates, the site also lets you keep track of existing rental reservations that you have with most rental companies. By providing Autoslash with your information for upcoming rentals (name, email and confirm #), it will keep track of the rate and if a lower rate is found for your existing reservation, you’ll get an email letting you know so that you can go and rebook a new reservation at the lower cost. This way you don’t have to keep stalking the rental rate, the site will do it for you.

I’ve been renting cars in the past few months more than ever before due to travel that takes me to Santa Ana frequently and Autoslash has saved me several hundred dollars so far. My biggest savings was taking a $500 premium class week-long rental and knocking it down to $220 for the week.

You can try the site for yourself at