Arrived home late last night after delays from Washington DC to Chicago led me to miss my original United flight home. United was nice enough to get American to fly me home so that at least I got home the same day instead of having to spend a night in Chicago.

Now that I’m back, and looking over all the things that I’ve experience over the past 4 days as part of Lufthansa’s introduction of their new 747-8i, I have my work cut out for me in terms of sorting through the thousands of pictures, pages of notes and experiences. Here’s a small taste of what I’ll be covering in the next days:

1. Lufthansa’s 747-8i events on May 31.
2. Information on some new Lufthansa initiatives and plans for the near future (some exciting things here).
3. Some great photos and videos from the departure of the inaugural flight on June 1.
4. My flight on June 3 from Frankfurt to Washington aboard the 748 (Guess who had the First Class cabin all to himself for 8 hours). Expect a very in-depth review of the the cabin. One of the BEST First class cabins you’ll see! 🙂
5. Other things that elude me at the moment.

I met with a lot of great Lufthansa associates who were kind enough to share with me plans and visions for Lufthansa’s passenger experience going forward. You’ll have to trust me, but there are some great things already available now, and some great things that are coming soon!


A big thanks to Flyertalk’s Oliver2002 for making sure that everything was in place in order for us to have a great time at the various events and sessions that we attended!