Saw this promotion this evening. Its been out there for a while, but the deadline is coming up on November 24. Apparently some readers in Italy and the US are being told they are not eligible, however it worked just fine for me and I’m in the US. So try it and see if you can get through.

If you visit this Facebook link: CLICK HERE and “LIKE” Lufthansa, you will be entered into a contest to win 1,000,000 miles. There’s a few First Class tickets buried in that 1,000,000 miles and all you have to do is visit the link metioned above to have a chance at such a great prize! Good Luck, and if you win, don’t forget who sent you to the site!! Also, you can refer 4 other Facebook Friends to the promo, and for every additional entry from them, you’ll get another one.

FYI, you’ll need you Miles and More account number, or you can open an account as part of signing up.