Attention Shoppers – Black Friday has come to Miles and More.

Beginning November 25, WorldShop powered by Skymall will be having its own “Black Friday” deep discount sale. Use your extra miles to shop great items from the online catalog at the Miles and More website, www.Miles-and-More.Com. The sale lasts until 9:00pm Monday November 28.

I was looking at the online catalog earlier, and there are a lot of great things on there, from electronic gadgetry to Rimowa luggage. Why hunt for parking space at the Mall when you just shop on line. Why not treat your loved one this holiday season (BIG HINT @ Mrs. LufthansaFlyer) to the limited edition Mont Blanc Skywalker A380 rollerball that you can find here. Just trying to help because thats the kind of person I am……

Add it to your “.com” shopping experience over Thanksgiving Weekend!