Since Lufthansa launched BLUE LEGENDS, I’ve had many USA based users email me voicing their disappointment that they could not participate actively when flying on non Lufthansa operated flights in the USA. In order to “Check In” for a flight on Blue Legends, a Lufthansa flight number is required. This included codeshare flight numbers for flights operated by United and US Airways.

To that end, I’ve been able to assemble a complete list of codeshare flight numbers that Lufthansa uses for flights operated by United and US Airways. I’ve made these lists available as dedicated pages on my website. You can see it listed as “BLUE LEGENDS: Lufthansa Codeshare Flight Numbers For United Flights” and “BLUE LEGENDS: Lufthansa Codeshare Flight Numbers For US Airway Flights” under my “PAGES”.

There are a few things to keep in mind with these lists:

Lufthansa does not have a codeshare flight number for every United or US Airways operated flight.

Lufthansa updates their codeshare flight numbers monthly and I’ll update my list to reflect the changes (I’ll let you know when I’ve updated the pages)

The list only contains the LH codeshare flight number, origin and destination and does not contain departure or arrival time information. I’m working on adding that piece for future updates. For now I suggest you “Google” the LH codeshare flight number to make sure it corresponds to the actual flight you are on.

Over the coming weeks and months, Blue Legends is being enhanced and during this time, it is possible that not every Lufthansa codeshare flight number is in the Blue Legends database. If you find yourself unable to “Check-In” on Blue Legends for a specific flight, please let me know and I’ll forward that information to the developers.

If you are unfamiliar with Blue Legends, I encourage you to visit the app’s website or read my post on Blue Legends when it was first released in June.

If you have any questions or need help with Blue Legends, feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment on this post.