Recently, Lufthansa’s Social Media Team in Frankfurt introduced Blue Legends. This App was built upon Foursquare technology which allows those of us flying on Lufthansa to “Check In” along our travels and earn Badges, Trophies, Mayorships and other accolades.

Blue Legends has been in place since June 28 and has been a great success thus far. I have heard back from many readers who are enjoying the new App and are looking forward to more from Blue Legends.

To this end, the Lufthansa Social Media team will be meeting in the near future to review all of the feedback that has been provided to them, as well as to discuss future expansion of Blue Legends. They have asked me to reach out to my readers who are familiar with Blue Legends to seek their feedback and ideas.

If you have used Blue Legends and have constructive feedback and ideas on what you would like to see from Blue Legends going forward, please send me an email to Lufthansa Flyer or leave your comments as a reply to this post.

For your efforts, I will be giving away a “Lufthansa Fan Pack” to one lucky winner chosen at random. Thanks!