No, Boat Spotting is not a typo! I’m sure by now most of you are familiar with my hobby (therapist insists it’s an addiction) of plane spotting however I’m putting a little twist on it.

When I was in Hong Kong a few days ago I found myself walking the streets at 7am on my first morning, when most of the city was only beginning to wake up. Having a couple of hours to pass before my favorite places opened, I walked over to Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Park to take in the water front. I noticed a flurry of boating activity and habit forced me to start taking pictures of the passing ferries, freighters and other types of ships. It got to a point where I started focusing on the harbor traffic and built quite a collection of photos.

As you look through them, you’ll see photos from the Kowloon side as well. You’ll be able to tell what side the photo is from based on the skyline that you’ll see in the background.

This was the slickest thing on the water.....

Parked at the ferry terminal next to Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park

Sailboats out for a tour (taken from Kowloon)

I would see this tug twice - 10 hours apart

Skiing at full throttle......

....Skis retract when throttle is reduced