In news out of Boeing today, the FAA is banning the filling of the 747-8i Fuel Tanks located in it’s rear horizontal stabilizer. The reason for this decision by the FAA is due to a vibration that apparently develops in flight when the tanks are full. According to Boeing, the fuel tanks in question add about 600nm to the range of the 747-8i. The 747-8i can still reach all of it’s typical destinations without having any fuel in those tanks. Boeing is obviously working on finding a solution for the problem.

Lufthansa is set to take delivery of it’s first 747-8i within the next few weeks, and everything that I’ve read about this minor setback does not indicate that there will be any delays in the delivery. Lufthansa is set to receive 20 747-8i’s over the coming months and years.

I’ll update this later if anything new is released by Boeing.