Thanks to “Mike” for sharing this video link in his comments on one of my postings.

How many times have you been aboard an airliner and the entertainment system wouldn’t function properly? Do you have enough fingers to count? I recall several flights on domestic US carriers where even the simple safety video would crash several times to the point that the Flight Attendants had to resort to the “old school” way of doing it themselves. It looks like things have come a long, long way!!

In this Boeing News video , the aircraft manufacturer takes us on a rare behind the scenes look at some of the testing that went on in developing the new 787’s Inflight Entertainment System. A Dreamliner full of Boeing employees flew aboard the 787 for a flight lasting several hours during which they subjected the airliner’s IFE systems to heavy use and worst case scenarios such as everyone starting the same task at the same time. During the course of the flight other cabin features were also tested to make sure they could handle the workload of a plane full of passengers.