BRUSSELS AIRLINES has earned the reputation for thinking outside the box for its various marketing and social media efforts. I think they have some of the best campaigns and programs of any airline.

With that said, BRUSSELS has raised the bar this Holiday Season. To celebrate the season of giving, BRUSSELS turned to their unsuspecting passengers and provided them with fantastic Holiday cheer.

Last week, in Brussels’ airport, the airline placed a wrapped giftbox labeled with “” and “pick me up, I’m yours” gift tags onto a baggage carousel . The objective was to see which passengers would be tempted to pick up the “Present” while waiting for their luggage to arrive.

For those brave passengers that took the chance to pick up the package, they were quickly met by an airline associate who presented them with a real Christmas Present, 2 round-trip tickets on Brussels within their European network. How’s that for being in the spirit of the Holiday Season??? Well done Brussels Airlines! You do a lot that other airlines can learn from!!

For more information on Brussel’s fare sale, please click here.

Here is the video showing some of the lucky passengers who benefitted from this great promotion: