In news out of Germany today, UFO, the union representing the majority of Lufthansa’s cabin crew declared that it will not call strikes for 6 weeks as the Union and Lufthansa go through mediation in the hopes of settling their differences. The union feels that 6 weeks is enough time for both sides to reach a settlement.

According to Nicoley Baublies, leader of UFO, Lufthansa’s gesture last week to permanently hire outsourced cabin crew that had been working for Lufthansa went a long way in creating goodwill. Lufthansa also indicated that it will no longer hire cabin crew through outside agencies. This was a major complaint by the union that helped lead to the strike actions.

Lufthansa and UFO are set to meet on Wednesday to map out the mediation process and to potentially identify who the mediators would be.

At the end of the day, if you are scheduled to fly on Lufthansa during the next 6 weeks, it looks like you should have no problems! Enjoy your flight!