Lufthansa is currently running a contest under their Jet Friends Children’s travel program that will award a lucky family 4 tickets to Europe.   Normally contests require adults to be the contest entrants, but in this case the burden is placed on your children to deliver.   An adult is still required to enter along with the child for legal purposes but the children are the ones who count.

The contest is Facebook based and requires a child to ASK or ANSWER an aviation related question.   Entries need to be submitted on video via a link that is provided in the contest.   Entries will be judged by the public, which will narrow down 10 finalists  (5 finalists from answering questions / 5 finalists from asking questions) at which point a Lufthansa jury will decide the overall winner.


Here are the 6 questions that children have a choice of answering (only one question answered is required for entry):



The other way to enter is to have your child submit an aviation related question via video and then have their entry be voted upon by the public.  If the public votes the entry as one of the top 5 questions, it will advance to the Lufthansa jury.   Questions can be simple as “What makes clouds?” etc.

I’m sure Lufthansa is not looking for children to ask about the “Airspeed velocity of a European Swallow” -(yes that what a Monty Python plug….. ),  so keep it simple and cute as you coach your kids! 🙂

The prizes are as follows:

Grand Prize Winner:  4 Economy Class tickets on Lufthansa from a USA Gateway to a destination in Europe served by Lufthansa.

Ten Finalists:  Each of the 10 finalists as selected by the public will win a Lufthansa-themed Teddy Bear.

To learn more about JetFriends, Lufthansa’s dedicated program for young travelers, please visit their website at

The contest is open to US residents only.  The entry deadline for the contest is August 9.   The public voting period runs from August 12 to 16.  Judging by Lufthansa will take place between August 17 and 21, with the Winner being announced on or about August 28.   For more terms and conditions, please click here.