A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Captain Jason Dahl Scholarship Fund’s latest fundraiser that will give a lucky winner a rider in a T-6 Texan.   Since the launch of the fundraiser raffle, 2 new and exciting Simulator experiences have been added as additional prizes.

As a Second Place Prize, a lucky winner will be able to take 2 friends and have a session in a Boeing 787 Dreamliner simulator in Houston, Texas.  A United pilot will ensure that you have a great time “Flying” Boeing’s latest marvel.

Additionally,  each person who donates to the fundraising efforts will receive one entry to win an F-16 Simulator session in addition to the entries for the first 2 prizes.  An F-16 session is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and should be more than enough motivation to help support such a fantastic cause.  It doesn’t matter if you contribute $25 or $2500, each person who contribute will earn one entry for the F-16 simulator.

At ‘press time’ the Dahl Fund staff is attempting to get more details regarding the F-16 simulator, specifically if it will be available to non-US citizens.   As I hear more, I’ll bring it to your attention.

Please keep in mind that the prizes do not include lodging or transportation to the T-6 or simulator flight experiences.