LUFTHANSA Group Approves Substantial Aircraft Order

LUFTHANSA Group Approves Substantial Aircraft Order

Earlier today, the Supervisory Board for Lufthansa Group approved a 2.1 billion Euro proposal to add 16 new aircraft to the group’s fleet.

Specifically, SWISS will be adding 2 777-300ER aircraft in the first half of 2020 (and hopefully use them to replace the woeful antique currently flying between ZRH & JNB but I digress).    Lufthansa Cargo will receive 2 777 Freighters that will be used to retire 2 of their MD11 workhorses.

In addition to the long haul addition, the board also signed off on the purchase of 12 A320 aircraft.  This includes the conversion of 6 optioned aircraft into firm orders that will be delivered in 2022.   According to the press release 6 of these may be A320CEO (Current Engine Option) due to delivery delays with the A320NEO (New Engine Option).


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Plane Spotter Alert:  SWISS Bringing The 777 To Moscow This Summer

Plane Spotter Alert: SWISS Bringing The 777 To Moscow This Summer

With demand expecting to be through the roof, SWISS has announced that will deploy a Boeing 777 to fly to Moscow during the 2018 World Cup later this year.

Specifically,  SWISS has announced that a 777 will make the roundtrip between Zurich and Moscow (DME) on June 15 and 16, and again on July 16 and 17.

On those days, the 777 flights will be LX1326 that departs Zurich at 12p, arriving in Moscow at 4:25p while LX 1327 will depart Moscow at 5:45p, arriving back in Zurich at 8:15p.

Booking is obviously open for these unique flights…….

a plane flying in the sky

LUFTHANSA Provides First Peek At NEW Business Class Seats AND Updates Existing Product!

LUFTHANSA Provides First Peek At NEW Business Class Seats AND Updates Existing Product!

Lufthansa today release their first official photos that unveil the new Business Class concept coming with the new Boeing 777-9 that will be introduced to the fleet in 2020.

The new seat appears to be a dramatic departure from the current version and feature increased privacy and comfort.    Though specific details have yet to be released, the first images look promising.

According to LH, the seats will be designed to offer passengers either more privacy, or more room as far as desk space goes.   Think of the SWISS, Austrian, and Brussels ‘Throne Seat’ when it comes to having more room.

As you’ll see in the photos below, the design will angle SINGLE seats that are positioned for privacy against the fuselage and provide seats in the center of the cabin that have more room to work.

With the 777-9, Lufthansa will have one of it’s widest Business Class cabins ever which make the new seating concept extremely attractive.

Here are the first looks:


a seat in a plane

a man and woman sitting in an airplane


In addition to the new seat, Lufthansa also provided an updated on improvements coming to the existing Business Class product we know today.   Beginning in 2018, Lufthansa will be providing mattresses and thicker blankets to increase comfort on long haul flights.    In addition, LH will also be offering ‘Pajamas’ for the first time to Business Class passengers as well.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about the new Business Class cabin in the coming weeks and months.

So far, I think I like what I see.


a close-up of a plane