AUSTRIAN Unveils New Business Class Amenity Kit

AUSTRIAN Unveils New Business Class Amenity Kit

Austrian has announced that they will be replacing their Amenity Kits for long haul travel in Business Class.

The new kits should be in circulation by now and have 3 versions.   For passengers departing Vienna, they will be given a small pouch with the typical amenity kit items inside.   This kit is somewhat similar to the current kit.

For travelers heading to Vienna, they will receive a larger bag that can double as a shoe bag or a pouch for your cables, chargers, etc.

On certain flights an additional small rucksack will be given to passengers as well.

The cosmetic components of the kit are produced by ‘Edition Edelweiss’.

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The 3 new versions of Austrian’s Business Class Amenity Kits

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New Lounge & Inflight ‘Amenities’ For Kids Traveling On Lufthansa

New Lounge & Inflight ‘Amenities’ For Kids Traveling On Lufthansa

Lufthansa has started giving out ‘Summer Kits’ to kids who visit Lufthansa Lounges in Frankfurt or Munich.   These kits contain Coloring Books, Baseball Caps and a variety of puzzles and other trinkets designed to occupy their time so Mom and Dad can enjoy their lounge visit that much more…. 😉

Lufthansa has also introduced a new book series designed for children.   These books are available on board and available in German and English.   These ‘Pixi’ books provide short stories about LH, LH Mascots and aviation in general.   There will be multiple volumes of these books available during the next few months.

In addition, LH is introducing a new app designed to follow up ‘Take Off’ which was their first version of a children’s app.   The new app, dubbed ‘Super JetFriends’, targets the 7 to 11 year old demographic and challenges them with a variety of scenarios.   The app should be available for iOS and Android in early August.

Looking at all these products makes me think back 35 years ago when I began flying as an 8 year old…..I was damn lucky to just have a comic book and a ‘Road & Track’ to take aboard!

What do you remember as your ‘inflight entertainment’ when you were a kid?
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LUFTHANSA: New Amenity Kits For Business and First Class Passengers

LUFTHANSA: New Amenity Kits For Business and First Class Passengers

Lufthansa has just unveiled a refresh of their Amenity Kits for long-haul Business and First Class passengers.

Beginning this month, Business Class passengers will receive a newly designed kit from Reisenthel.  There will be 4 variants of this kit between now and fall.   The kits will feature skincare products from Korres along with the other traditional pieces that you would find in a kit such as toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, etc.

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The new Business Class Amenity Kit (photo: Lufthansa)


Beginning in Summer, First Class passengers will find a newly designed kit from Braun Buffel who has already been providing First Class amenity kits.   Unfortunately as of the time that I am writing this post, I do not have a photo of the new kit.   I’ll post one once I track one down.

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