LUFTHANSA Cyber Monday Deal:  €30 Off Voucher

LUFTHANSA Cyber Monday Deal: €30 Off Voucher

This morning I received the annual email from Lufthansa regarding their Cyber Monday special.   This year, as in the past, it is a voucher code good for €30 off of your booking.

For some reason, I have yet to see the US version even though I live in the States.

Anyway, the code is good for travel between January 8 and  March 22, 2018.    The code has to be redeemed by midnight your local time in order for it to count.

If you did not get your voucher via email today, you can use this link to request the code.   I think it’s a universal code and will be the same for everyone.

If you don’t have the ability to access that link, try the following code when booking your ticket:  ZCN69RMJ0OK6

I tried the code on the LH’s USA website and it did calculate the discount.