BRUSSELS AIRLINES To Update Fleet With New A330s & New Cabins!

BRUSSELS AIRLINES To Update Fleet With New A330s & New Cabins!

Brussels Airlines has announced plans to retire the majority of their existing A330 aircraft and replace them with brand new A330s as it seeks to update its fleet.    According to their strategy, 7 of their 10 A330s will be swapped for new ones during 2018 and 2019.

What makes this an even bigger deal is the fact that along with the new aircraft,’SN’ will introduce an entirely new cabin interior.    Business Class, Economy Privilege, and Economy will all receive substantial facelifts.

Though specifics have not yet been decided upon, I suspect the new cabin interiors will be in line with the new cabins that will be introduced by Lufthansa, SWISS, and Austrian beginning in 2018.    LH Group had previously stated that they have the desire to create a standardized cabin across the Group’s airlines.   With Brussels now being a wholly owned division of LH Group, it stands to reason that Brussels Airlines will benefit from the strategy.

I look forward to seeing what ‘SN’ comes up with when the new birds begin joining the fleet.   I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing their wonderful Business Class product and am curious how they’ll make it even better!

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BRUSSELS AIRLINES To Update Fleet With New A330s & New Cabins!

BRUSSELS Brings Economy Plus Seating To Long Haul Cabins…..

Brussels has unveiled a minor adjustment to their long-haul passenger cabins by adding an Economy Plus section.   The Economy Plus seats are the same seats as the normal Economy class, however seat pitch and recline angle have been increased for improved comfort.    Specifically, pitch has been increased by approximately 3-4 inches, and the recline angle of the seat has been increased from 8 degrees to 20 degrees.  The Economy Plus section will take up the first 4 rows of the Economy cabin aboard their A330s serving North America and Africa.

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To mark the introduction of this new seat plan, SN has randomly awarded 20,000 passengers traveling in July and August a complimentary upgrade from Economy to Economy Plus.   Otherwise, the upgrade cost from ‘Y’ to ‘Y+’ will be a flat €120 per segment.   For a limited time however, SN is offering this upgrade for only €99 each way.  The upgrade is available from any Economy Class fare.

A couple of amenities come with Y+ as well.   Passengers will be offered a glass of champagne before departure, an amenity kit, and a box of chocolates.

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