Safari 2017:  Part 2 of Many Including Video Of Helicopter Run Through The Blyde River Canyon

Safari 2017: Part 2 of Many Including Video Of Helicopter Run Through The Blyde River Canyon

Following up on Part I of Safari 2017, Part II picks up where 1 left off with more photos and also an hour-long video capturing a transfer between 2 Lodges during our trip to South Africa.   The video is actually quite good, especially at the 32 minute mark as we entered the Blyde River Canyon with a GoPro suctioned to the belly of the chopper.    A big thanks to Jana and her team at Wild Skies Aviation for providing such a fantastic service.    If your ever in the Hoedspruit area of South Africa and need/want to take a phenomenal Helicopter tour of the area, do it!  You won’t be sorry!

The second batch of photos combines shots taken at 2 of the 3 lodges we visited:   Dulini Private Game Reserve (where I will probably want to be interred in one day) in the western sector of the Sabi Sands of South Africa and the wonderful Jaci’s Safari Lodge in the Madikwe Reserve.   The reason we chose to visit Jaci’s was the fact that they have a submerged ‘Hide’ for photographers to get to water level at a dam for some amazing photo ops.   Jaci’s did not disappoint.   In fact we’ve already booked next year’s stay.

As far as gear goes for this trip, I packed my Nikon D800 and D5, along with a Nikon 24-70, Sigma 150-600S, Rokinon 24mm 1.4 (For the star trails), and the ‘toddler’ as my wife calls it, the Nikon 600mm / f4.   The D5 did the most of the heavy lifting, but the D800 took lead on anything that needed huge megapixels or situations where the I didn’t want to risk damage to the D5.

Enjoy these for now.   More on the way!

Here is the video I referred to earlier.   It covers the 1 hour transfer flight between Dulini Private Game Reserve to the Khaya Ndlovu Manor House where we stayed while we visited with the volunteers and staff of the Rhino Revolution.   My wife brought a fair amount of medical tools and equipment to them on this trip to help with their efforts to tend to orphaned Rhinos (whose Mothers were poached).  Rhino Rev’s mission is to rehabilitate these orphans and then release them into the wild, where they will be monitored closely by private security.



Known as the ‘Dewane’ male Leopard, he is a dominant predator in the Western Sector of the Sabi Sands reserve.  Taken at Dulini.

Adolescent male Elephant enjoys a nice swim….Taken at Jaci’s

Elder female accompanies a ‘teenager’ as well as a one year old to the dam….Taken at Jaci’s

A Kudu Bull surprisingly stays around long enough to pose….Taken at Jaci’s.

Male Lion resting at Jaci’s…..

A Tawny Eagle perches on a Marula Tree awaiting a target to come by. Taken at Dulini.

Young Wild Dogs play ‘tug of war’ over an Impala hide. One of the most endangered species on the planet unfortunately. Taken at Jaci’s.

One of my top 5 shots from the trip. A Croc surfaces showing off his successful Tilapia hunt. Taken at Jaci’s.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect as the Ellies crossed between me and setting sun. Taken at Jaci’s.

Heron and Tilapia do not see eye to eye….Taken at Jaci’s.

Bad day for the Tilapia….

A Village Weaver works hard on his nest in the hopes that he can attract a female to call it her home…Taken at Dulini.

‘Dark Mane’ of the Majingilane coalition of Lions takes a moment after stealing the Impala carcass from a Lion Pride that hunted it. Typical behavior of Male Lions who are part of coalitions. Taken at Dulini.

My most favorite critter…..the Lilac Breasted Roller. Taken at Dulini.

Unfortunately these beautiful birds are highly endangered, but for the moment this Saddle Billed Stork enjoys fishing in a river. Taken at Dulini.