Lithium-Powered ‘Smart Luggage’ Rules/Ban Takes Effect Monday…….

Lithium-Powered ‘Smart Luggage’ Rules/Ban Takes Effect Monday…….

Beginning Monday January 15, passengers travelling with ‘Smart Luggage’ powered by Lithium batteries will no longer be able to check their luggage into the cargo hold of their aircraft unless the batteries can be removed and brought into the cabin.

The rule also applies to carry-on luggage.   In order to be able to bring your ‘Smart’ carry-on on board, you must be able to power off the bag or remove the battery altogether.  If the bag can not be powered down, or if the battery can not be removed, the bag will not be allowed onto the aircraft.

The IATA has recommended this rule to its 300 airline members in an attempt to prevent fires from starting from faulty batteries and luggage electronics.  It is not a government imposed restriction so its impact will be felt world-wide.

If your ‘Smart’ luggage is powered by traditional batteries (AA, AAA, etc), your luggage is exempt from the ban, however you may need to demonstrate to the airline that your bag is compliant when checking it.


LUFTHANSA Announces ‘Trachten Crew’ Oktoberfest Schedule and Other Highlights (Oktoberfest Amenity Kits!)

LUFTHANSA Announces ‘Trachten Crew’ Oktoberfest Schedule and Other Highlights (Oktoberfest Amenity Kits!)

As has become an annual tradition, Lufthansa has announced the details around their 2017 Trachten Crews as they begin to celebrate Oktoberfest.    For those of you unfamiliar with the Trachten Crew, it is a select group of flight attendants who celebrate the annual German harvest by wearing traditional Bavarian Drindls and Lederhosen aboard select flights during Oktoberfest.

This year, the team will be on the following long haul flights:

September 15:  Munich – Seoul aboard flight LH718

September 25:  Munich – New York JFK aboard flight LH410

October 1:  Munich – San Francisco aboard LH458.


Members of the Trachten Crew show off their Drindls. Photo Courtesy of Lufthansa


In addition to these long haul flights, passengers will be able to spot other Trachten Crew on European flights to Dresden, Bastia, Amsterdam, Prague, Timisoara, Munster, Warsaw, Belgrade, and Brussels.

Lufthansa employees in Munich’s Terminal 2 will also be in the Oktoberfest spirit as well, and you’ll be able to see their Drindls and Lederhosen on display between now and October 1.

Aside from the new ‘Uniforms’ that will be on display, passengers aboard Lufthansa flights from Munich will be treated to special Oktoberfest menus that celebrate the holiday as well.

Passengers visiting Lufthansa Business Class and First Class Lounges in Munich will also have some special Bavarian surprises waiting for them too.   There will even be special amenity kits for Biz and First Class passengers flying from Munich.


Oktoberfest First Class Amenity Kit…..Photo Courtesy of Lufthansa.