Getting Roses This Valentine’s Day?   You Might Be Surprised As To Who Made It Possible!

Getting Roses This Valentine’s Day? You Might Be Surprised As To Who Made It Possible!

For those of you that will end tomorrow with a bouquet or vase full of Roses, you might have more than your sweetheart to thank.

According to numbers coming out of Frankfurt, LUFTHANSA CARGO will be responsible for bringing 800 tons of Roses from various sources from around the world.   That’s 1.6 million pounds worth of flowers being hauled by Lufthansa Cargo’s fleet this week!   To put it another way, these roses are enough to fill 11 MD-11 freighters.

What caught me by surprise is where these roses are coming from.   Most are sourced in Kenya or from several countries in South America where growing conditions at this time of year are ideal.

During their trip, they are packaged in temperature controlled containers and are taken directly from the growers and loaded onto LH Cargo aircraft.   Once in Frankfurt, the logistics take over and ensure that millions of roses find their way into the hands of those who will enjoy them.

When you stop to buy flowers tomorrow, take a second and think about all the work (and jet fuel) that went into making you look like a hero……


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Lithium-Powered ‘Smart Luggage’ Rules/Ban Takes Effect Monday…….

Lithium-Powered ‘Smart Luggage’ Rules/Ban Takes Effect Monday…….

Beginning Monday January 15, passengers travelling with ‘Smart Luggage’ powered by Lithium batteries will no longer be able to check their luggage into the cargo hold of their aircraft unless the batteries can be removed and brought into the cabin.

The rule also applies to carry-on luggage.   In order to be able to bring your ‘Smart’ carry-on on board, you must be able to power off the bag or remove the battery altogether.  If the bag can not be powered down, or if the battery can not be removed, the bag will not be allowed onto the aircraft.

The IATA has recommended this rule to its 300 airline members in an attempt to prevent fires from starting from faulty batteries and luggage electronics.  It is not a government imposed restriction so its impact will be felt world-wide.

If your ‘Smart’ luggage is powered by traditional batteries (AA, AAA, etc), your luggage is exempt from the ban, however you may need to demonstrate to the airline that your bag is compliant when checking it.

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Now Anyone Can Ship Items With Lufthansa Cargo

Now Anyone Can Ship Items With Lufthansa Cargo

Lufthansa Cargo has announced a new program designed for anyone to ship nearly anything between Europe and the USA and have LH Cargo take care of all the details such as Freight Forwarding, Customs, etc.

With myAirCargo, Lufthansa Cargo creates a turn-key solution that allows you to have large items not only shipped by LH Cargo, but also has LH Cargo taking care of customs and duty process of your shipment.    The program is ideal for those who have 1 or 2 large pieces that they would like to ship to somewhere in the world that normal postal services could not accommodate.

The program opens up new avenues of opportunity for LH Cargo to expand their business to new customers, in alignment with their ‘Cargo Evolution’ strategy.

For example, you want to spend some time touring the Alps on your Harley next Spring… can now arrange LH Cargo to ship your bike to Europe ahead of your trip and have it waiting there for you to pick up.   Or you’re on vacation in Venice and you decide to buy a Gondola, you can arrange for LH Cargo to send it to your home in Albuquerque.

Usually shipping something on such a small scale was not easy to do, or would require you to hire a broker or agency to ship your items and the costs would usually outweigh any benefit of the item you’re shipping.   With the new program, LH Cargo takes care of the entire process. Working with their partners to ensure quick and safe passage for your shipment.    As a result, it is easier for you to arrange for the shipping of the product, and it will cost less to do it.   Consider this program something akin to UPS or Fedex for really big items.

Their website,, makes it easy to process your shipment since there are only 5 steps involved.    Once you provide the details of your shipment and other info such as addresses, values, and shipment dates, you’ll be able to pay for your shipment online and let LH Cargo do the rest.   The ordering process will let you know if local pick up or delivery is available for your item, or if you’ll need to arrange for it to be delivered or picked up from an airport.

The initial rollout of the program covers shipping between the US and Europe, but plans call for a world-wide rollout of the program in the coming months.

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