For those of you that will end tomorrow with a bouquet or vase full of Roses, you might have more than your sweetheart to thank.

According to numbers coming out of Frankfurt, LUFTHANSA CARGO will be responsible for bringing 800 tons of Roses from various sources from around the world.   That’s 1.6 million pounds worth of flowers being hauled by Lufthansa Cargo’s fleet this week!   To put it another way, these roses are enough to fill 11 MD-11 freighters.

What caught me by surprise is where these roses are coming from.   Most are sourced in Kenya or from several countries in South America where growing conditions at this time of year are ideal.

During their trip, they are packaged in temperature controlled containers and are taken directly from the growers and loaded onto LH Cargo aircraft.   Once in Frankfurt, the logistics take over and ensure that millions of roses find their way into the hands of those who will enjoy them.

When you stop to buy flowers tomorrow, take a second and think about all the work (and jet fuel) that went into making you look like a hero……