As expected, the European Aviation Safety Agency has issued mandatory inspections after cracks within the wing structures of additional A380s were discovered earlier this week.

I had written about this yesterday when it was discovered that 2 more A380s had developed cracks within their wing structures.

No groundings of the Super Jumbo were ordered, and the inspections have to be carried out within 4 days on aircraft with more than 1800 flights, and within 6 weeks on aircraft with more than 1300 flights. The effective date for the directive is January 24, 2012.

This is an excerpt from the EASA’s website:

EASA mandates prompt detailed visual inspections of the wings of 20 A380s
The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) published Friday 20 January 2012 an Airworthiness Directive to mandate a prompt detailed visual inspection of the wings of 20 Airbus A380.
This inspection, which applies to aircraft that have already completed more than 1300 flights, will have to be performed within six weeks of 24 January 2012. Aircraft that have completed more than 1800 flights will have to be inspected within four days of this date.
EASA and Airbus are working closely together to ensure the continuing safe operations of the A380 aircraft type. In accordance with EASA, Airbus has established a repair scheme if cracks are found during the inspection.
EASA continues to review the situation closely. As a result of the on-going investigation, further mandatory actions may be considered.