Sorry Yogi Berra, but your insight is appropriate….

Just a few weeks ago, everyone was optimistic and singing Kumbaya at the prospects that a deal between Lufthansa and their pilot’s union was going to happen soon.

Unfortunately all of that premature optimism has been shattered and the Union has vowed that it can and will go on strike literally at ‘ANY TIME’.

Negotiations between the 2 sides broke down last night after agreements could not be reached on cost cuts and relocating of  pilot jobs to other Lufthansa Group airlines that are not subject to the same (or any) labor agreements.

If your travels involve LH in the coming days and weeks, please pay close attention.  These strikes typically come with only 24 hour notice.    However, LH has done a reasonably good job in making it easy to rebook your tickets on flights with other carriers.

Stay tuned…. 🙁