A week after their latest strike, Train Operators for Deutsche Bahn are set to strike again but this time they are calling for an open-ended strike.    This means that the strike will have no end date and plans call for it to be at least a longer strike than last weeks 5 day walkout.

If last second negotiation fail today, Freight Train operations will grind to a halt this afternoon and passenger service will begin to feel the impact at 02:00a tomorrow (local Frankfurt time).    The union said it will give 48 hours notice for the end of the strike.    If they follow through on the threat, this strike will severely impact the upcoming Pentecost Holiday weekend in Germany.

Behind the strike is the union’s desire to get a 5% raise for their train engineers and to also receive permission to represent other rail employees, not just the operator/drivers.

If your plans involve rail services in Germany over the next 7 days, be prepared for major inconveniences.