This question came to mind after I finished writing my piece on Lufthansa’s Ju52 schedule for 2013 where I mentioned taking a flight on the Ju52 was part of my travel bucket list.

The question stayed with me throughout most of the day to the point that I started creating and recreating lists trying to narrow it down to 10 realistic and reasonable items.    Yes, climbing Mt. Everest and swimming with the Penguins in Antarctica are aspirations, but realistic?  not bloody likely.

I wanted to remain practical while trying to limit the list to 10 items.   It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be as a lot of destinations and experiences were competing for one of the 10 places on the list.   As one idea would make the list 3 others came to mind that quickly trumped the item I thought was worthy of the bucket list.   After drafting several versions of the list, I’ve finally arrived at the 10 that I would choose if I had to commit to only one list for the rest of my life.   Listing them in the order of ‘importance’ to me (at least for now 🙂 ):


1.  African Safari  (slated for next spring)

2.  European Delivery of a certain German automobile and promptly take her to the Autobahn, Nurburgring and the Alps.

3.  Machu Picchu / Galapagos Islands.

4.  See the NY Jets play in a Superbowl….though chances are better for me to go swimming with Penguins in Antarctica AND climbing Mt. Everest.

5.  Junker Ju52 flight.

6.  Be in St. Peters Square (Vatican) during a Papal Conclave (maybe next time!).

7.  Land a 747 when there is no other qualified person in position to do so (Have you seen the Airport franchise of movies?).

8.  A round of golf at Augusta National.

9.  Spaceflight (seems like we’re getting closer and closer to this becoming realistic in my lifetime).

10.  Running with the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.


What about you?  What are the highlights of your Bucket List?   Can you narrow it down to 10?  It’s not as easy as it sounds!