To mark their 20th Anniversary, Edelweiss will be offering passengers the rare opportuntity to take off on a Zeppelin flight from several Swiss cities during 2015.

Flights will be offered on a very limited basis and will operate for only a few days from each city.   Here is a list of the cities and the dates of the flights:


Monchaltorf:  May 21 – June 1

Flights will take place over Zurich and Lake Zurich.


Basel:  July 6 – July 12

Flights will take place over Basel and the Rhine River.


Interlaken:  July 27 – August 2

Flights will take place along the Alps, over Lake Thun and Lake Brienz.


Sitterdorf:  August 7 – August 9

Flights will take place over Lake Constance and Kreuzlingen.


Grenchen:  August 17 – August 24

Flights will take place over Solothurn, Burgdorf and Lake Biel.


Birrfeld:  August 25 – August 31

Flights will take place over Lenzburg, Koblenz and Baden


Most flights will last for 30 minutes and will cost CHF 149 per passenger.   During the Zepplin’s visit to each city, special events will be planned at each venue on certain days as well.


For additional information and to book your flight, please visit the Edelweiss Zeppelin Webpage.