I had posted this sooner, but then read the terms and conditions afterwards and realized that residents of the US and Italy are not eligible to enter. I apologize for not reviewing the T/C’s prior to my previous posting. However there are many of you who are residents of eligible countries so good luck and go win that ticket!!

Lufthansa is running a contest that will award the winner one business class ticket for a seat on the BRAND NEW Boeing 747-8i that is scheduled to enter service in the second quarter of this year. It looks like Lufthansa will get the “keys” to this beauty in April and it will be ferrying passengers around the world shortly there after.

To enter the contest, you need to download Lufthansa’s ‘Magazin’ App to your iPad and download the February edition. There is a quick and easy quiz that you need to complete in order to register for your chance to win. If you are a fan of Lufthansa and have been following the progress of the 747-8i, the quiz will be easy. If you are unfamiliar with Lufthansa’s newest bird, you may need to do some minor digging, but the answers are easy to find. I promise you the effort of finding the answers will be well worth it if you gets you a seat on the new aircraft. The new 747-8i will also debut Lufthansa’s new business class cabin, so there’s another great reason to enter to win!

Good Luck…..I hope one of my readers wins!