Normally I don’t pimp these kind of offers, and I don’t receive any compensation for it either, but in this case it’s an opportunity that I didn’t want to pass by., SLR Lounge,  and a few of their partners have teamed up to host a contest that will award it’s winner their choice of one of 3 high end cameras (Click to visit contest webpage).   

The lucky winner will be able to choose a Nikon D850, a Canon 5D Mark IV, or a Sony a7R III as their prize.   Each is worth over $3000!

This is one of those kinds of contests where you can gain multiple entries by subscribing to their mailing list, following them on instagram, sharing it with your friends, etc.   But it may very well be worth it if it means you getting one of these high end cameras for your ‘hard’ work in jumping through their hoops.

Please keep in mind the contest is open to US residents only and ends on February 15, 2018.