A few days ago, you’ll recall that I wrote about a wildcat proposal by EU Ministers to bring about visa requirements for Americans and Canadians wishing to visit EU member states.    A vote was to take place this month on whether or not to move forward on the proposal and seek the approval of EU member states.

Apparently the EU may have been playing chicken, and they ‘Bawwwwked’……

In an unsurprising development, The EU Commission conveniently delayed the vote until July 12, 2016 to ‘allow all sides to reach an amicable reconciliation’ and ‘to extensively scrutinize and take into account potential adverse political consequences that might arise from such proposals or decisions’.

No kidding or as we say in ‘Murrica, No S**t.

The US and Canada were not the only targets.   Brunei, Japan, and Australia all face the same ‘wrath’ from the EU.

So for the time being, it looks like this issue has been put away and like most initiatives launched by the inmates that run the EU asylum, it will probably be forgotten as the next shiny distraction comes along to occupy to EU Commission.