The EASA has ruled that European airlines can permit their passengers to use their Mobile Devices in a ‘connected’ mode throughout all phases of flight.   This means that passengers would no longer have to put their phone or mobile device into ‘Airplane Mode’ once the aircraft doors are closed.

This ruling does not mean that passengers can immediately start adhering to this new policy.  According to the EASA, it will be up to each airline to implement their own strategy and policy.  Additionally, each airline would need to be certified that its aircraft are not ‘distracted’ by cellphones and other devices being connected during flight.

This can lead to the opening of Pandora’s Box and at least expand the debate regarding the use of cell phones to make phone calls from an aircraft.   In most surveys, passengers have opposed the idea of placing phone calls while in flight due to the amount of noise and chatter it could produce in a cabin.  However, if this policy is used appropriately and not abused, it will be a welcomed by passengers.