During my trip to Frankfurt to take part in various activities surrounding the unveiling of the new Lufthansa livery, I had the chance to examine the changes first hand.   The new livery is impressive, when set next to the previous version, you can see how the refresh brings a new and modern edge to Lufthansa.    These changes go far beyond just a new paint job, the changes permeate throughout the entire airline and no detail is abandoned.

In speaking with various senior directors who were responsible for the updated look, each shared a similar perspective.    The objective was not to recreate the airline and cover it up with some radical new look.   The objective was to pay homage to where they came from, and to set course for where they are going.

The term ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ was part of their mission statement.   It reminded the development team of who their predecessors were and to make sure that the efforts made 100 years ago to create the brand were not forgotten today, nor in the future.  The idea was to look back into their history, and bring that history into the 21st century.

To this end, LH has set out on a monumental mission to make sure every nook and cranny of the airline reflects this attitude.   Everything from aircraft to business cards and cocktail napkins will take on the new look.   For passengers, this means hundreds of ‘touchpoints’ that they are exposed to will go through these changes.    From the previews and prototypes that I’ve seen thus far, I am very happy with what they’ve done, and what they are going to do.   Many surprises await us, trust me! 🙂

Over the coming weeks and months I will focus on specific details and changes as they happen and share them with you as quickly as Lufthansa permits me to do so.   We’ll look into both subtle and major changes and go into detail as to what inspired the change, what went into the decision making process, and what it means to us as passengers.    I’ll try to take you into the the minds of the designers and into the studios and offices where these decisions were debated and made.    What I can tell you is that the new look went through over 800 iterations before the final package received the stamp of approval.

To kick things off, one of the first things that I want to cover is the new look of the First Class amenities.   The entire line of products and kits is undergoing a complete revolution and we’ll see things from Lufthansa that we’ve never seen before.    Everything from slippers to sleepwear is being addressed.   I’ve seen the prototypes for the next several kits and I’ll share them with you as quickly as I’m allowed to do so.   Trust me, you will come away amazed.

What I can share with you is that amenity kits will be refreshed every 4 months and will be substantially different from other kits (but yes, the Rimowa kits will continue to be used!).    The kit that I’m talking about today will be available in May, but an exact date has not been determined.   Once I know they’re in circulation, I’ll let you know. If you like this kit, wait til you seen whats coming for the second half of this year! 🙂

Enough words…..

Here is the first look at the new Men’s First Class Amenity Kit.    The kit comes in an impressive, high quality case that measures 8 inches in diameter and is 2 inches deep.   The top half of the case has a zipper which provides easy access to the contents.   The men’s kit is designed to act as a shower/shaving supply kit and comes with a strap so that it can be easily hung.   The lady’s kit comes with a longer strap that attaches to the sides of the case so that it can be worn off the shoulder.  The ladies kit will have a blue crane on the outside as compared to the white crane used on the men’s kit.  

a blue round bag with a white logo on it

The Men’s Kit comes with a handy strap and is designed to be a shower or shave kit case. A handy pouch is sewn into the inside to hold small items.   The white crane logo is stitched onto the case.   The Lady’s kit will feature a blue stitched crane and will have a strap that attaches to the sides of the case.

a close up of a strap

A strap comes with the men’s kit which allows for the case to be hung. I also discovered that it can be used quite effectively as a key-chain.


a group of small white containers with black text

‘la prairie’ skincare products will be the new ‘normal’ for all Lufthansa First Class kits.

a toothbrush and toothpaste on a black background

Premium brand ‘zendium’ toothpaste is included with the dental part of the kit, along with a high quality toothbrush and a single serve size of breath mints.

a stack of socks tied with a white ribbon

Socks, eye mask and headphone earpiece covers come bundled together.


a grey object with a white object on it

A shoe horn, hair brush/comb combo and earplugs complete the kit.


a close-up of a plane