Just after 8am local time in Brussels, 2 explosions have been reported to have taken place at Brussels’ airport.   At the risk of speculating, the nature and location of the explosions suggest that these were most likely bomb attacks.  The airport has been closed to air traffic and will not open until 6am on 23 March (initial plans).

Based on uncorroborated ‘tweets’ coming from passengers in the terminal, it has been suggested that one potential suicide bomber was located near a check in area near the American Airlines desks (According to RT.com).

According to news reports, gun fire was heard in the terminal as well as shouting in Arabic moments before the bombs were detonated.

Officials indicate that there are numerous casualties and 13 deaths (According to various media).

Rail service to and from the airport has been suspended.  In addition, all Metro services in Brussels have been suspended after bombs were set off inside the Maelbeek and Schuman stations.  Eurostar service has also been reported to be suspended until further notice,

If your travels involve transiting Brussels, be prepared to have your plans interrupted today.   Call your airlines to seek alternatives.  If you fear that friends or family may have been impacted at the airport, an emergency Hotline has been established:  +32 2 506 711.

Extensive Terminal damage is evident. Courtesy: www.Airlive.net

Extensive Terminal damage is evident. Courtesy: www.Airlive.net


Photo courtesy of RT.com

Photo courtesy of RT.com via @WardMonkey