Last night, I was browsing through Lufthansa’s WorldShop online catalog to see what is new for their summer collection and came across what may have become a must have “accessory” for the season.

If you’ve been reading my scribble over the past few months, you know that I have this somewhat unhealthly fan-ship (note that I did not say obsession or addiction) of Boeing’s 747 and specifically, Lufthansa’s 747-8i that has recently entered service (My solo First Class experience on the new “Queen Of The Skies”). As a matter of fact, Lufthansa was gracious enough to help feed my addiction and invited me to attend the ceremonies on the Eve of the Inaugural Flight on June 1.

So you can imagine the silly grin that broke out on my face when I saw that Rimowa has once again partnered with Lufthansa to bring out a special edition luggage collection dedicated to the 747-8i. This collection is made of aluminum and is trimmed in the same leather that you will find the in the First Class cabin aboard Lufthansa’s 747-8i.

For those of you familiar with Rimowa you know why they have such a loyal following. Their luggage plain and simply is among the best you can buy. The polycarbonate or aluminum shells are nearly indestructable and look great. The look of the luggage is based on the fuselage material found on the Junkers JU-52 and is consistent across most of their products.

Though not the lowest priced luggage you’ll find, it’s certainly worth the investment. I’ve had my Rimowa pieces for years and there is no sign of them giving up. When transiting through airports in Europe, it seems that the majority of travelers have a Rimowa trolley in tow.

Now there’s another collection to add to their success and it looks like my existing Rimowa pieces are in jeopardy of being relegated to the closet. Currently the pieces are showing out of stock, but should be available again later in July or early August.

All of a sudden, I have a great reason for a mileage run.

The five pieces that comprise the 747-8i collection:

Carry-On Trolley

Business Trolley

The "Large" Suitcase

The "Extra Large" Suitcase

The "Extra Large +" Suitcase