Over the next few weeks, lucky passengers flying on certain Lufthansa aircraft will be part of something that has not happened in over 60 years.

To celebrate Football’s World Cup in Brazil, Lufthansa will be removing the traditional Lufthansa logo found on the front part of the aircraft and replace it with a World Cup inspired “Fanhansa” logo.

The first aircraft to debut the livery will be an Airbus A321 on May 16 that will depart Munich as Flight 2066 and fly to Hamburg and London. In all, 8  aircraft will sport the new look including 1 A340-600, 2 747-8i, 1 A320, 2 747-400 and 3 A330 birds.   Couldn’t imagine how big the logo would be on an A380! 🙂

What I do know is that the newest 747-8i (D-ABYO) has had the logo applied and will show it off when she starts flying in a few days.    Something tells me I’ll be seeing one from the inside out sooner than later……


Frank Koch, HAM WD623, beschneidet den Fanhansa Schriftzug.

A Lufthansa Technician prepares one of the Fanhansa logos.


Over the coming weeks, Lufthansa, er, Fanhansa will be getting into the World Cup spirit with several promotions and celebrations that you’ll find at airports, online and on board.

The big promotion is the opportunity for those passengers who fly aboard a ‘Fanhansa’ jet to be entered to win a ticket on Lufthansa to Brazil.

I’ll share more info on LH’s World Cup celebration as I find out about them!   Now back to my Plane Spotting in Zurich! 🙂