Earlier today I talked about Lufthansa’s ‘re-branding’ a few of their aircraft to celebrate the World Cup.  Since that post, I’ve been able to track down the exact aircraft that will have the new look, so hopefully you’ll be able to know ahead of time if you’ll be on one of these ‘Limited Edition’ flights.


Here are the tail numbers:

Boeing 747-8i:   D-ABYO, D-ABYM

Boeing 747-400:  D-ABTH, D-ABVS

Airbus A340-600:  D-AIHQ

Airbus A330:  D-AIKD, D-AIKG, D-AIKH

Airbus A320:  Unknown at the moment.


Keep in mind that these kinds of things are subject to last minute revisions.   If anything changes, I’ll pass the info along.