As I am sure most have you heard, Berlin’s new airport will have a delay in it’s opening. Originally scheduled to open on June 3, it has now been postponed for potentially months.

I have just arrived in London after having a splendid time in Istanbul. I have lots to write about, and about 900 photos to scour and choose from for my trip reports. I’m just catching up on the developments of Berlin’s airport delay so if I find anything new, I’ll post an entry later today or tomorrow. Most of the news was breaking while we were in transit so I have to get caught up!!

I’m disappointed because I am planning on being in Frankfurt on May 31 for the ceremonies surrounding the 747-8i’s entry into service and as part of my plans I was scheduled to be on the very last flight into Schoenefeld(SXF) and also was already booked to be on the very first flight out of Berlin’s new airport on June 3 aboard a specially scheduled A380 flight from Berlin to Frankfurt.

Looks like I have some minor re-planning to do!!