Unfortunately I had IP Address issues with the LHFlyer server and had been offline for a couple of days so I missed bringing you the start of LUFTHANSA’s latest contest.

Between now and January 21, you can enter each day to win a chance both a daily prize and a Grand Prize that will be awarded when the contest closes.

To enter, you need to register for the sweepstakes and visit the Contest Site everyday to spot a Lufthansa passenger that is hidden within an image that changes each day.  For each day that you successfully find the LH passenger, you will be entered into that day’s daily prize drawing and also earn one entry for the Grand Prize as well as for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize for the contest.

In addition there is a prize of an iPod Nano (16GB) that can be earned if you agree to receiving LH’s newsletter as well as following them on Twitter and Facebook and are selected in that additional drawing.

It’s easy to spot the LH passenger in each graphic so gaining entries will not be a problem (though the passengers are TINY!).   The images that are used are drawings that highlight destinations within LH’s network.

Once the contest closes on the 21st, all of your qualifying daily entries will be entered into the Grand Prize phase where lucky winners will receive:

GRAND PRIZE:  2 Economy Class Tickets on Lufthansa from the USA or Canada to any European         destination served by Lufthansa.

1st PRIZE: Lufthansa RIMOWA AirLight Collection Multiwheel XL+ case.

2nd PRIZE: Lufthansa RIMOWA AirLight Collection Cabin Trolley.

3rd PRIZE: Nikon Coolpix S3500.

The Daily Prizes that will be awarded are as follows:

  • Day 1, 3 prizesl: One (1) Lufthansa Möve beach towel.
  • Day 2, 3 prizes: One (1) Lufthansa sports bottle.
  • Day 2, 3 prizes: One (1) Lufthansa sports bottle.
  • Day 4, 5 prizes: One (1) Lufthansa jumbo mug.
  • Day 5, 3 prizes: One (1) digital photo frame with alarm clock.
  • Day 6, 2 prizes: One (1) Lufthansa GoGo by Deuter.
  • Day 7, 2 prizes: One (1) MOBISET Sound2Go dome.
  • Day 8, 5 prizes: One (1) Lufthansa foldaway bags backpack.
  • Day 9, 3 prizes: One (1) Lufthansa Möve beach towel.
  • Day 10, 2 prizes: One (1) WMF water carafe with 4 glasses.
  • Day 11, 3 prizes: One (1) Lufthansa Holiday Collection make-up bag.
  • Day 12, 5 prizes: One (1) Lufthansa thermo mug.
  • Day 13, 2 prizes: One (1) hi-Deejay headphones.
  • Day 14, 2 prizes: One (1) fatboy – the original stonewashed.


Terms and Conditions can be read here.


H/T to FlyerTalk’s  NewbieRunner in the FlyerTalk LH Contest Thread.