As Cliche as it sounds, it only seems like yesterday that Stacey of VeryGoodPoints, Casey our Tech Guru and myself opened the doors to First2Board.

During these initial days and weeks we added a number of outstanding bloggers from a wide variety of travel backgrounds and expertise in the hopes of building one of the internet’s premier Travel Blog aggregate websites……and we’re not done…..not by a long shot.

In essentially what is our first calendar quarter, we added 19 (16 live and 3 about to launch) blogs and have grown our readership exponentially.   We’re excited because more announcements are in the offing in terms of growing our family of bloggers.

To measure our growth we use several analytic tools such as “Google Analytics” and “” to gage our progress and identify opportunities for the future.   We review our statistics literally on a daily basis and are extremely excited by the progress that we have marked.   Specifically, how quickly we have risen in the ranks of similar sites in the travel blog space.

Below are graphs that I pulled in from ‘Alexa’ that illustrate just how much we’ve accomplished in a very short period of time.  This success in large part is due to you, our readers, who have given use the opportunity to demonstrate who we are, what we’re capable of and the value that we bring to you.  Thank You!

In this first chart, it shows us ranked with our peer group as far as total  “Pageviews” are concerned.   This is strictly a measure of how many pages are visited by readers to these sites.   In 83 days, we’ve accomplished quite a bit, and our forecasts suggests that the trend will continue to favor us as we grow.  Our truest peer group is and since they are aggregator sites.




The next chart measures how many pages on average are read by each visitor.  As you can see we are leading our peer group in terms of Pageviews Per Visitor by a margin in excess of 2:1.  Additionally, due to the amount of pages that our readers are visiting, they are spending more time on First2Board than on the sites of any of our peers.   This leads us to conclude that we are providing diversified and quality content that keeps our readers interested and engaged. Again and would be the closest comparisons to consider.  We’ve accomplished this with fewer bloggers than either of them.


As you can see, we have made great strides with in our first weeks and months and rank favorably with other quality travel blog hosts and providers.   Again, this is because of our readers giving us a chance to demonstrate who we are and what we bring “to the table” as a travel blog website.    With results like this, it reinforces our commitment to ensure that we continue to execute on our vision to bring you the best possible travel blog content that we can.  Thank You for making’s first days so successful!!


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