For those of you who are members of Miles & More (MM) and are scheduled to fly in Economy class aboard an A380 between now and January 31, you’ll want to pay attention!

Since October 29, and running through January 31, ‘MM’ members can register for a special Airbus/Lufthansa promo that will give you twice the award miles that you normally would earn on your ticket.    The promo states that you’ll earn miles based on your crediting rate for your fare class.   The multiplier does not apply to your ‘Executive bonus’ that you earn if you are a Frequent Traveler, Senator, or HON Circle member.   You’ll still get your Executive Bonus but those miles do not get the 2x multiplier that this promo offers.

It’s a good deal considering that if you’re flying aboard an A380 you’re flying a fairly long way so the miles credit will be substantial!  As of now, LH sends the A380 from Frankfurt to Bangkok, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Delhi, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Singapore.

The deal applies to bookings made by December 31, 2017.  You must register in order to qualify and it covers flights taken through January 31.    The promo limits your participation to 8 A380 segments during the bonus period.

Simply visit the LH Promo webpage for the deal to enroll.   You’ll be asked to log into your MM account so have that info ready.

I’m not sure if the credit will apply if you have already flown aboard an A380 since October 29 and haven’t registered for this, but you should still register since miles won’t be credited until 8 weeks after you complete your flight.  You might catch a break and get the miles for flights you’ve already taken.