On Wednesday, a judge in Leipzig presiding over the hearing to determine whether or not Frankfurt Airport can use its new runway for cargo flights between 11p and 5a suggested that the airport may lose its battle.

Judge Ruediger Rubel suggested that the residents living near the runway have a right to noise protection and therefore may prevail in their suit against Fraport, the operator of Frankfurt’s Airport. In his comments, the judge suggested that cargo traffic at the airport is not so busy or necessary that it requires late night operations. What is at stake is the ability for 17 cargo flights to operate between 11:00p and 5:00a.

As part of the ongoing battle between the airport and residents, the court may also restrict airport operations during other times in the late evening and early morning hours.

The court in Leipzig confirmed that it will issue its final decision on April 4, at 10:00a local Frankfurt time.

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source: Reuters.com