This may not be breaking news, but I was reading through this month’s edition of  ‘Airports International’ and saw a write up about new kiosks being installed throughout the airport designed to improve the passenger experience.  I thought this may be useful to those of you planning a trip that takes you through Frankfurt in the future.

If you’ve ever used Frankfurt(FRA), you’ll know what I mean when I say it’s not the world’s friendliest airport in terms of “user friendliness”.  With 2 Terminals, several concourses (A, B,C and Z in terminal 1 and D,E in Terminal 2), multiple security check points, etc. “FRA” can become frustrating fairly quickly.  It’s one of the world’s best for plane spotting, but leaves a few things to be desired when it comes to helping passengers navigate the facility.

The new kiosks set out to change this.   The Kiosks are touch-screen units designed to scan your Boarding Pass and using the information in your “BP”, will help direct you in the most efficient way possible as far as getting to security and to your gate.   The airport operating authority “FRAPORT” plans on installing 90 of these Kiosks in both terminals in the coming months.


An example of the new Kiosks (courtesy of Airports International):