germanwings (an lcc unit of Lufthansa Group) is currently running a fare promotion that adds just a bit of mystery and surprise to your travel plans.

How it works: You tell germanwings the kind of travel theme that you are interested in booking and they provide a list of potential destinations that you could be booked to. You don’t find out where you are going until after you book your ticket, hence the surprise. You do have some control however in that you can de-select cities from the pre-fixed menu of destinations.

First you pick your departure airport and the kind of travel theme you are interested in:

The next step is to select or deselect the cities that are potential destinations (there is a €5 fee for each airport you deselect):

From there you select your seats (keep in mind there is a surcharge to choose your seat at booking) at which point you are then taken to the billing page.

After you enter your payment details, you’ll finally find out where you are going!

The various travel themes have several cities that overlap. For example Berlin comes up for Shopping, Party and Metropolis Western Europe themes so you may see the same cities come up under different themes. I suspect that you can party, shop and take in a large European city by simply visiting Berlin.

Where I see this fare promotion being attractive is when you simply can’t decide where to go and you’ve narrowed it down to at least several cities, letting the airline make the decision for you in this case may actually be a good idea! 🙂

If you are off to Europe this summer you may want to consider adding an excursion like this within your trip. It may expose you to a city you had never thought of visiting!

To learn more about the options that are available from germanwing’s Blind Booking fare deals please visit their website.