Throughout the year, germanwings has occasionally offered “Blind Booking” deals for travel within it’s network. What I like about the promo is it’s element of surprise. You actually do not know your destination until you complete the booking process and pay for your fare. If you’re having trouble deciding where to go, a promo like this is perfect!

You do have the option to choose the theme of your trip, which includes “PARTY”, “SHOPPING”, “CULTURE”, “GAY FRIENDLY”, “SNOW & SKI” and “METROPLIS WESTERN EUROPE”. Within each of these themes, there is a list of cities that germanwings feels fits the theme and it will be one of those cities that you will be ticketed to for you trip. You are able to de-select half of the available cities for each theme if you want to really avoid a certain destination (perhaps an outstanding warrant is waiting for you somewhere??).

For this promotion you can travel between 1 January and 13 February and it does not appear that there are any minimum or maximum stay requirements. Fares start from €33 per segment and there are small surcharges for choosing seats on-line and for checked baggage.

You can begin your travel from Cologne-Bonn, Stuttgart or Hanover and destinations include Vienna, Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, Prague, Budapest, Rome among many others throughout Europe.

Please visit the germanwings Blind Booking Promo for more information.