For those of you who have missed the recent breaking developments, it appears that the Cockpit Voice Recorder has been investigated and preliminary results are available.

According to a wide variety of trustworthy sources, it appears that the CVR has captured a shocking scenario aboard the aircraft.

It appears that one of the pilots was not in the cockpit at the time that flight 9525 began its unexpected descent.   The recording captures one of the pilots knocking on the cockpit door, looking to gain access.   The knocking goes unanswered as the plane began its descent.

The recording reflects the pilot increasing his sense of urgency as his knocking and voice increase in volume to the point that you can hear him trying to break down the door to get to the cockpit.

Experts have not supported the idea that this was an intentional act since the descent was steady and controlled.   They cited that past incidents that were ruled as suicides, had the planes nose over and enter deep and unrecoverable descents.   Also thought to be unlikely is the fact that the cockpit had depressurized.   Experts suggest that the entire aircraft would have depressurized and there is no evidence to support that scenario.

In a scenario such as this we may never know if the pilot in cockpit was in conscious control of the aircraft or if a medical condition rendered the pilot in the cockpit unable to respond to the aircraft or to the pilot trying to get into the cockpit.

This was not a scenario that I even remotely had entertained.