Out of all of the possible scenarios that could have downed Germanwings flight 9525, what was revealed today by investigators and prosecutors was absolutely shocking.

According to French prosecutors, it has been determined that the Co-Pilot, Andreas Lubitz, intentionally crashed the aircraft after the Pilot, Patrick Sonderheimer stepped out of the cockpit to use the lavatory.   Apparently Lubitz disabled the cockpit door’s lock which prevented the Pilot from getting back into the cockpit.   The Cockpit voice recorder (CVR) confirmed many of these details.

According to investigators, the CVR capture the exchange between pilot and co-pilot prior to the pilot leaving the cockpit.    Based on the transcript it appears that the co-pilot became more brief and succinct in the responses he was giving to the pilot during their conversations just before the pilot left the cockpit.    Investigators called this an unusual behavior by the co-pilot and not normal for cockpit communication between pilots.

Investigators are now focusing on the background of the co-pilot, investigating is recent activity and whereabouts as they try to piece together what the motivation would have been for this unfathomable tragedy.